We work and partner with a number of lending organizations & the State of California PACE program for energy efficiency to provide and tailor a payment plan which will offer savings.

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Solar energy systems can be purchased or leased. We’ll work on your financing options to meet your expectations.

When purchasing your own solar energy system you receive benefits beyond the monthly savings. You receive the Federal tax credits that cover up to 30% of the initial cost of the solar system. The time to go solar is now to take advantage of the state and utility incentives programs.

The utility companies have slowly increased the rates by an average of 6% -8% over the past 5 years. By switching to solar you automatically lock in your low electricity rate for the future. Wouldn’t it feel great to know that you have a lower payment that can be monitored so make the switch today and go green.

Leases And PPA’s

We are affiliated with lending organizations who specialize in creating customized solar energy options for our customers to fit their budget.

Solar energy system leases and PPA’s allow you to get all of the benefits of solar with zero or minimal down with a small monthly payment. Your energy rate is fixed and typically lower than what you are currently paying the utility company, allowing you start saving immediately. You receive all of the energy savings without having to worry about a large up-front investment or maintenance of the system.

In House Financing

We offer in-house financing, which provides owners options, even those who do not fit the guidelines of the industry to be qualified. Our mission is to make the earth a better place, and going green is a huge leap – our reward is seeing this mission come to life. We use our financing expertise to make sure we reach our goal.

Personalized, Individual Service

Every home owner will be designated a personal account representative who will work closely with you to advise you on the most efficient programs and options available.

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